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Image Credits: Unless otherwise noted, all scans on this site are of plates in my personal collection, scanned in by myself using my state-of-the-art equipment suite (circa-1998 Macintosh PowerBook G3, mated to circa-1999 Microtek ScanMaker E3 ($15 on eBay), and scanned into circa-1993 Adobe Photoshop v2.5.1 software.) Except where noted, all images on this site remain the exclusive property of David Nicholson and unauthorized use of these images is expressly prohibited. If you wish to use an image from this site, please contact me via e-mail for permission.

WA before
WA after

Image Disclaimer: Some images on this site have been "cleaned up" within Adobe Photoshop in order to correct imperfections within the plate. The example above is probably the most pronounced case of this. This was not done for the purpose of deception, but merely to provide a photographic representation of what these plates should look like under ideal conditions. Thus, the occasional dent, scrape, nasty looking bolt mark, etc. has been cosmetically corrected via computer, much in the same way I wish could be done in real life. My apologies to anyone who takes offense to such actions (I know there are "purists" in the plate collecting community who object to plate modifications in any form), but I felt they added to the overall presentation of the site.

Important Note: This does NOT apply to any plate scans presented on my trade list or eBay auctions, these scans are presented completely untouched for obvious reasons.

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