Northwest Territories License Plates 1969-present

NWT 69 #2-319
Northwest Territories 1969 passenger issue. This baseplate was first issued in 1966 and was used with metal date tabs through the end of 1969. Initial issues of this plate have an embossed "66" under the date tab. The plate features the territorial crest and the slogan "Canada's Northland". Passenger plates in the NWT are issued in an all-numeric format. This was the last standard 6"x12" plate for the Territories.
NWT 69 #10-179
Northwest Territories 1969 passenger issue. This is a higher-numbered issue on this baseplate, issued as a natural 1969 expiration. Later plates on this base removed the embossed "66" from the plate. Plates from the late 9-000 series and up were produced in steel, while earlier issues were aluminum. These five-digit plates also used a different die set than the earlier plates (note the different "9"s between the two plates.)
NWT 70 #7-291
Northwest Territories 1970 passenger issue. To celebrate the centennial of the Territories in 1970, this new plate design, cut to the shape of a polar bear, was issued. The design proved so popular that it has carried over on all NWT plates from 1970 to the present. This design was first proposed by a schoolchild as part of a design contest. It won the inaugural ALPCA Plate of the Year award in 1970.
NWT 71 #2-588
Northwest Territories 1971 passenger issue. The second bear issue, this plate removed the "Centennial" slogan from a year before and changed the line to read "Canada 1971". It also reversed the colors from white-on-blue to blue-on-white. Again, passenger issues are all numeric.
NWT 72 #4-921
Northwest Territories 1972 passenger issue. This issue again reversed the colors back to white-on-blue for what would turn out to be the last time.
NWT 73 #4-827
Northwest Territories 1973 passenger issue. Aside from the 1970 first issue, this plate is probably the most sought-after bear by collectors. It commemorated the centennial of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1973, and added a yellow border and slogan to the plate.
NWT 74 #2-491
Northwest Territories 1974 passenger issue. This was the first of a few red-on-white bears over the years. This year returned to the standard format with "Canada" and the year at the bottom after the 1973 special issue. 1974 was the last year for yearly plate issues in NWT.
NWT 76 #4-483
Northwest Territories 1976 passenger issue (1975 base). This plate was first issued in 1975 and used with a sticker through the end of 1976. This was the first use of a sticker on a NWT plate, previous multi-year bases had all used metal tabs. This plate design switched back to a light blue on white format nearly identical to the 1971 base.
NWT 78 #15-121
Northwest Territories 1978 passenger issue (1977 base). Another red-on-white issue, this plate was first issued in 1977 and used through the end of 1978 with a sticker. This plate was a later issue on this base, having a rather high serial number for the Territories.
NWT 80 #1-884
Northwest Territories 1980 passenger issue (1979 base). This issue again resembles the 1971 and 1975 baseplates in color and design. It was first issued in 1979 and used through the end of 1980 with a sticker.
NWT 82 #809
Northwest Territories 1982 passenger issue (1981 base). This was the last of the red-on-white bears, first issued in 1981 and used through 1982 with a sticker. This was also the last of the two-year plates for the Territories.
NWT 85 #16-748
Northwest Territories 1985 passenger issue (1983 base). This plate features a darker blue on white that is still used today on NWT plates. It was used for three years rather than two, through the end of 1985 with proper stickers. This baseplate was the last dated issue for the Territories.
NWT 86 #4260
Northwest Territories 1986 passenger issue. Starting in 1986, new plates featuring the same blue on white format as the 1983 base were issued. These plates changed to narrower dies and added the slogan "Explore Canada's Arctic" at the top. These plates remain in use today. There was a recent controversy in the Territories regarding plates, as the new territory of Nunavut formed from the northeast portion of the NWT in 1999. Since Nunavut is located in the area where the majority of the polar bears are, residents of that area laid claim to the distinctive design. The two territories struck a compromise measure where both continue to use the bear shaped plate.
NWT 94 #55594
Northwest Territories 1994 passenger issue. Beginning with late 1990 expirations, the territory switched to a staggered monthly registration system, as opposed to the old arrangement where all plates expired at the end of March. Plates issued from 1990 on feature a separate month decal such as this one, placed on the bear's hind paw.
NWT 11 #309113
Northwest Territories 2011 passenger issue. Northwest Territories introduced a new general issue license plate design in late 2010, replacing all previous issues by early 2012. The new design retains the familiar bear shape, with a new reflective graphic background and the slogan "Spectacular" added. These new plates started at 300000.
NWT 18 #341856
Northwest Territories 2015 passenger issue. Northwest Territories discontinued the use of plate validation stickers in 2014, with some early 2015 stickers being the last to appear. Existing registrants were issued a blank sticker to place over their expired stickers, while new plates were issued with the sticker well removed and the slogan moved to the right. Plates remain otherwise unchanged.

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