UT 69 #ED 6108
Utah 1969 Passenger issue. This baseplate was first issued at the end of 1967 and was used with stickers through the end of 1972. Plates of this era were issued in an AB-1234 format with no specific coding.
UT 75 #AEE 094
Utah 1975 Passenger issue (1973 base). At the end of 1972, these new plates were issued to all motorists. They used an ABC-123 format which was issued in an odd order that is too complicated to explain in this space (that, and I don't quite understand it myself). This was the last general plate reissue for Utah, so plates of this era can still be valid with stickers today. This baseplate was issued through the end of 1973.
UT 74 #HHH 651
Utah 1974 Passenger issue. This plate was introduced at the end of 1973. It continued the 1973 series, but without the embossed date or sticker box at the bottom. Early versions of this undated plate had the state name offset to the left, as it was on the dated "73" plate, just with the year removed. This was a relatively short-lived variation, making these plates hard to come by these days.
UT und. #JHA 453
Utah undated Passenger issue. Continuation of the undated 1974 base, this time with the state name centered at the bottom. There were several variations of these bases involving die varieties, again too numerous to explain. The February 1997 ALPCA newsletter takes a pretty good shot at it, however. These plates can again be valid with stickers today.
UT 78 #RBF-352
Utah 1978 Passenger issue. These new plates were introduced to new registrants in 1975, and added an embossed beehive in the center. These plates were issued with slight variations through the end of 1978.
UT 79 #WJF-799
Utah 1979 Passenger issue. Another variation of the Beehive plate, with a slightly more pointed hive in the center. These plates again lasted through approximately 1978 when a non-hive design similar to the 1974 issue was released.
UT 80 #MTD 049
Utah 1980 Passenger issue. Around 1978, the beehive separator was dropped from the baseplate, resulting in another rather plain issue, similar to the 1974 baseplate. These were issued until approximately 1980.
UT 83 #LSP 685
Utah 1983 Passenger issue. These plates were introduced around 1980 and had the state name and serial pushed down in anticipation of a graphic background that was to be added to the plate. This new plate design was never implemented, however, resulting in a kind of funny looking plate with a whole lot of nothing up top. This plate can again be seen today with stickers.
UT 84 #NNV 789
Utah 1984 Passenger issue. In 1982, the baseplate was again modified to include a screened state name at the bottom. This series lasted until 1985, when a new baseplate was introduced. I really like this plate, though I'm not sure why. Simplicity of design, I guess. No county sticker on this issue, these were introduced along with the new base in 1985.
UT 87 #994 ABK
Utah 1987 Passenger issue. Starting in 1985, these new graphic plates were introduced. These feature a skier and the slogans "Ski Utah!" and "Greatest Snow on Earth". These plates were issued with these wide dies from 100-AAA through the DWW series. This plate has a county sticker from county "UT", Utah county. This plate was given the ALPCA Plate of the Year award for 1986.
UT 91 #470 EBA
Utah 1991 Passenger issue. In 1990, at the start of the "E" series, these newer narrow dies were introduced for Utah plates. These remain in use as of today. This plate comes from county "WB", Weber.
UT 95 #504 HDJ
Utah 1995 Passenger issue. Continuation of the narrow-die Ski Utah plate. Starting in 1992, a three-sticker format was implemented, with county, month and year stickers being separate. Later plates in this series also seem to use a darker shade of blue paint for the numbers than older ones did. This plate comes from county "SU", Summit.
UT 96 #274 ZED
Utah 1996 Passenger issue. This extra-fee plate was introduced in 1992 to celebrate the Centennial of Utah in 1996. The numbering format started with 100-ZAA to avoid conflicts with the regular series. Earlier versions of the plate (before series "ZFA") have the state name in white with blue bordering. After ZFA, the state name was changed to solid blue for visibility reasons.
UT 99 #400 ZYX
Utah 1999 Passenger issue. Continuation of the Centennial Arch plate series above, this plate features the filled-in variety of the state name for better visibility. This plate was made a no-cost optional general issue plate as of 1997, and is being issued concurrently with the "Ski Utah!" base at present. As a result, the numbering sequence is being issued more quickly than before and plates in the "X" series are currently being issued.
UT 03 #149 MDZ
Utah 2003 Passenger issue. Starting in 2003, Utah discontinued county stickers on their plates, resulting in new plates being issued with only month and year stickers. These stickers were made larger for visibility, and to cover the area on the plate previously reserved for three stickers. This plate used an old-style month sticker and a new, larger year sticker, which was fairly common as the old-style month stickers were used up.
UT 08 #A67 4AL
Utah 2008 Passenger issue. In late 2007, Utah began issuing newly redesigned versions of both the Ski and Arch plates. Both new issues feature the state's new "Life Elevated" slogan. This revised Skier plate also retains the "Greatest Snow on Earth" slogan. The top of the plate features a southwestern motif. Pictured is three-time Olympian Heidi Voelker. Both new issues use this A23 4BC serial format, with the Ski plate starting with the A## #AA series and the Arch plate starting with Z## #AA, as was the case with the previous issues.
UT 09 #Z82 2AA
Utah 2009 Passenger issue. This is the new Arch plate, similar to the previous Centennial issue but with a modified state name, new slogan and tweaked, brighter Arch graphic. As before, this is a no-cost option, with new registrants given the choice between this plate or the Skier base. Again, this plate appeared in late 2007 starting with this Z## #AA series. The sequence will go forward through Z99 9ZZ, after which the series will move back to the Y## #AA series, etc.
UT 17 #Z612N
Utah 2017 Passenger issue. In 2017, Utah made its existing In God We Trust/United We Stand optional graphic into a no-cost alternate issue like the Arch plate, resulting in three choices for standard registrants. The no-fee version started in a A123B format, working backwards from leading Z, also reminiscent of the Arch plate.
Plates Needed!!
In 2023, Utah switched to a narrower die set on all three passenger types. This die set closely resembles the current North Carolina die set. Plates are reportedly produced using a hybrid method where serials are printed flat on the background and then embossed after the fact.

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