Baja California Graphic License Plates, 1998-present

02: Baja California Norte

BC Mex #AGJ5022
Baja California 2002 passenger issue (1998 issue). Early graphic from Baja California. Baja California was one of the states to make only minor revisions to the previous 1992 federal issue when designing their first graphic plate. A small logo with a whale tail, mountain, cactus and sun was added to the bottom right, while a small rendition of the state seal was placed near the lower left. This is one of the few Mexican issues to use plate validation stickers, this one has been renewed through 2002.
BC Mex #AGL-27-98
Baja California 2002 passenger issue (2001 issue). Second-generation plate, featuring the smaller dies and ABC-12-34 serial arrangement. These plates also have some common features, including a number indicating the state's place alphabetically among the 32 jurisdictions ("02" in this case), a vehicle class listing ("Transporte Privado Automovil" - Private Passenger Automobile), a security bar code and notations for the front (Delantera) or rear (Trasera) plate of the car. This plate features an expanded graphic with, among other things, a Grey Whale tail, mountainline and cardón cactus (exclusive variety to Baja California). Baja California is one of the only Mexican jurisdictions to use validation stickers, this one has a 2002 sticker.
BC Mex #AHA-50-15
Baja California undated passenger issue (2004 issue). Baja California chose a relatively simple design to replace their more "graphics intensive" second-generation issue. The shape of the state is included between "Baja" and "California" at the top, with a gold and blue "wave" design and state seal at the bottom. If nothing else, these plates are much more legible at a distance than the previous issue.
BC Mex #AHN-27-76
Baja California undated passenger issue (2006 issue). Slight tweak of the previous issue, the original state-shape logo at the top center was replaced by the newer governmental logo featuring the slogan "BC - Grande Por Ti."
Plate Missing: Two other revisions to the 2004 base were made updating the government logo at the top of the plate.
BC Mex #AJP-91-63
Baja California undated passenger issue (2010 issue). A graphic issue was introduced in 2010 featuring the image of grape fields with mountains in the distance and a bunch of grapes to the top left.

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