Mexican Federal Issues, 1968-98

Mex.DF 69 #780 QP
Mexico (D.F.) 1968-69 passenger issue. Mexico consists of 31 states and the Distrito Federal (Federal District, consisting of Mexico City, roughly equivalent to Washington, D.C. plates in the U.S.). From 1933 through 1998, all states and the D.F. were issued plates of the same format, with an abbreviated state name at the bottom. This was a D.F. issue from 1968-69, featuring the Olympic rings commemorating the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. Plates were issued in an AB-123 format, with the D.F. having a reversed serial for all years. All plates feature a lead seal at the top of the plate marked with a star and "S.C.T." (Mexico's licensing agency) to assure authenticity.
Mex. Q.R. 71 #14-AHE
Mexico (Q.R.) 1970-71 passenger issue. Blue on white plates were issued in 1970 and used through the end of 1971. The plates were issued in a 12-ABC format except in the D.F. where a reversed ABC-12 format was used. This plate was issued in the state of Quintana Roo, on the Southeastern peninsula of Mexico bordering Belize and Guatemala.
Mex. Coah. 73 #EVF-942
Mexico (Coah.) 1972-73 passenger issue. Plates for 1972-73 in Mexico were issued in an ABC-123 format for the first time (123-ABC in the D.F.). Each state was assigned a block of letters for their issues, which were once again embossed with a state abbreviation. This plate was issued in the state of Coahuila.
Mex. BC 75 #AGC 856
Mexico (BC) 1974-75 passenger issue. Plates for 1974/75 were again issued in an ABC-123 format, in blue on white colors. This plate was issued in the state of Baja California Norte.
Mex. BCS #DBB 960
Mexico (BCS) 1976-77 passenger issue. Plates for 1976-77 were black on light blue in color, same format as previous issues. This one is from the state of Baja California Sur.
Mex. Chih. #DRE 209
Mexico (Chih.) 1978-79 passenger issue. Plates in 1978-79 were orange on black. This plate comes from the state of Chihuahua.
Mex. Sin 81 #VFL 053
Mexico (Sin) 1980-81 passenger issue. Plates in 1980-81 were white on green, still ABC-123 format. This plate came from Sinaloa, and was issued from one of the higher blocks of letters.
Mex.Coah 83 #EXY 197
Mexico (Coah) 1982-83 passenger issue. This plate was first issued in 1982 and used through the end of 1983. These issues had an early attempt at plate reflectorization, with glass beads in the background paint. These didn't tend to hold up too well, though, and reflectorization was put on hold until 1992. This plate was issued in Coahuila, which was allocated plates in the later sections of the "E" serial block.
Mex.Coah 85 #EYX 336
Mexico (Coah) 1984-85 passenger issue. This orange on blue issue was the last bi-annual Mexican plate release. It is another high-"E" series plate issued again in Coahuila.
Mex.QR #USF 896
Mexico (Q R) undated passenger issue (circa 1986). These new undated blue-on-cream plates were first issued in 1986 and were used through the end of 1991 for all Mexican states. Again, the ABC-123 format was used and the state name embossed at the bottom. This plate was another issue from Quintana Roo.
Mex.Tab #WVU2392
Mexico (Tab) undated passenger issue (circa 1992). These plates were first issued in 1992 and were the Mexican baseplate through 1998, when states have begun to issue their own distinct designs (much to the delight or chagrin of the completist, who is now faced with obtaining all 32 issues.) These plates were used in conjunction with window stickers which look like miniature versions of the plate, to show validity and also to curb plate theft. Would-be plate thieves would need both the plates and the window sticker to appear valid, hard to steal both. This plate was issued in the state of Tabasco (try their sauce sometime).

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