Chihuahua Graphic License Plates, 1998-present

08: Chihuahua

Sequencing note: Just in case your knowledge of the Spanish alphabet is as, uh, lacking as mine was, "Chiapas" and "Chihuahua" were assigned alphabetical codes 07 and 08 respectively, behind Coahuila and Colima, because "Ch" was its own letter in the Spanish alphabet, coming between C and D, until officially eliminated in 2000. The Mexican federal government assigned the serial blocks according to where the names fall within the new, Ch-less alphabet, though, with Chihuahua given plates in the late Dxx series while Coahuila has them in the late Exx series. Odd.

Chih Mex #DWA4272
Chihuahua undated passenger issue (1998 issue). Circa-1998 issue from "El Estado Grande," Chihuahua. Literally, "The Big State" - Chihuahua is the largest of the 31 Mexican states. The graphic contains another set of mountains, plus a group of running Raramuri natives. The state's coat of arms is featured bottom right, another common feature on these plates.
Chih Mex #DYH-34-76
Chihuahua undated passenger issue (2003 issue). This plate is quite similar to the first-generation plate from Chihuahua, which also featured a graphic of running Raramuri natives and the state's government logo.
Chih Mex #DZS-29-97
Chihuahua undated passenger issue (2006 issue). This issue from Chihuahua features an image of a monument to Francisco Villa in Chihuahua City, and the new slogan "Tierra de Encuentro" ("Land of Encounter"). What kind of encounter is unspecified, so proceed at your own risk. This plate uses an odd new production method where "MEXICO" is overprinted in silver lettering all through the serial of the plate. Several of the other 2006 issues also carries this overprinting, not sure if it's an anti-counterfeiting measure or what the story is.
Chih Mex #EDH-37-81
Chihuahua undated passenger issue (2009 issue). 2009 graphic offering from Chihuahua, featuring a graphic of Pancho Villa and state-shaped dividers in the serial. The state name appears against a patterned background at the top, similar to the current Utah issue. Again, the silver diagonally overprinted "MEXICO" appears across the serial.
Chih Mex #EGM-87-73
Chihuahua undated passenger issue (2012 issue). An issue was released in 2012 with the state name in red and green bands at the top and retaining the state shaped dashes in the serial. The current government logo featuring the slogan "Chihuahua Vive" appears at lower left.
Chih Mex #ELY-87-49
Chihuahua undated passenger issue (2016 issue). 2016 graphic from Chihuahua, featuring a mountain landscape and native woman with book image in the background. The Chihuahua Vive government logo is retained, and a QR code is added at bottom right.
Chih Mex #ELY-87-49
Chihuahua undated passenger issue (2017 issue). New national standards were established by Mexico's Secretary for Communications and Transport starting in 2017, resulting in a flood of new issues. These standards dictate the placement of graphic elements on the plates, mostly restricted now to the top and bottom of the plate. Chihuahua took the concept of design simplicity to heart, leaving the top of the plate essentially blank with just a simple state name treatment at bottom. Chihuahua is one of the few states still using the ABC-12-34 serial format on their newer issues, having not run out of available combinations.

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