Chiapas Graphic License Plates, 1998-present

07: Chiapas

Sequencing note: Just in case your knowledge of the Spanish alphabet is as, uh, lacking as mine was, "Chiapas" and "Chihuahua" were assigned alphabetical codes 07 and 08 respectively, behind Coahuila and Colima, because "Ch" was its own letter in the Spanish alphabet, coming between C and D, until officially eliminated in 2000. The Mexican federal government assigned the serial blocks according to where the names fall within the new, Ch-less alphabet, though, with Chihuahua given plates in the late Dxx series while Coahuila has them in the late Exx series. Odd.

Chis Mex #DLV6546
Chiapas undated passenger issue (1998 issue). No-nonsense issue from Chiapas, with the entire state name embossed at the bottom and "Mexico" screened at the top. A graphic of a Mayan warrior is seen at the top left.
Chis Mex #DMB9085
Chiapas 2001 passenger issue (1998 issue). Slightly revised Chiapas graphic, later plates were issued with these security bar codes at the left. These also carry a sticker with a three-digit number on it, signifying expiration month and year. I believe this "061" sticker indicates a June (06) 2001 (1) expiration.
Chis Mex #DMR-27-37
Chiapas undated passenger issue (2003 issue). 2003 issue from Chiapas, featuring a graphic of the great fountain located in the capital city of Chiapa de Corzo. The state seal is also found at the bottom right.
Chis Mex #DPT-37-02
Chiapas undated passenger issue (2009 issue). This graphic, released in early 2009, prominently features a masked Mayan warrior at center, with the state name and seal below.
Chis Mex #DRW-20-42
Chiapas undated passenger issue (2013 issue). A new plate was issued in Chiapas starting in 2013, featuring four colored rings in the background. These rings are also found in the current government logo at bottom right, along with the slogan Chiapas Nos Une (Chiapas Unites.)
Chis Mex #DPR-780-A
Chiapas undated passenger issue (2018 issue). New national standards were established by Mexico's Secretary for Communications and Transport starting in 2017, resulting in a flood of new issues. These standards dictate the placement of graphic elements on the plates, mostly restricted now to the top and bottom of the plate. Chiapas complied by chopping up and cramming the circles and logos into the top and bottom bands. The state also swapped to the newer ABC-123-B format as of this revision.

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