Estado de Mexico Graphic License Plates, 1998-present

15: Mexico

Mex Mex #LKP4726
México undated passenger issue (1998 issue). This plate is from the state of México and again features the state seal in the background. The logo of the Policia Estatal (State Police) is also included at the top left. A bar code is included at the top as well, duplicating the number and acting as a guard against counterfeit/stolen plates.
Mex Mex #LRV-78-46
México undated passenger issue (2002 issue). Revised Estado de México issue, featuring the ever-popular mountain motif. There is a jetliner flying over the mountains, signifying a new airport that was being built in Tezcuso at the time the plate was designed. The airport plan has since been scrapped due to fervent protest by local farmers, and there were rumored plans to remove it from the plate design. The state seal and government logos are found in the bottom corners. This plate was issued through 2008.
Mex Mex #MDW-26-15
México undated passenger issue (2009 issue). This plate was introduced in 2009 and commemorates the Bicentennial of Mexican independence. The plate features a graphic of the Independance Bell and images of five of the heroes of the Independence movement, Josefa Ortíz, José María Morelos, Miguel Hidalgo, Vicente Guerrero and Ignacio Allende. State seal and government logos are seen at the bottom corners.
Mex Mex #MMH-38-13
México undated passenger issue (2013 issue). Modified version of the 2009 issue, the plate was redesigned to remove the Bicentennial logos at the top and replace the government logo (repeated in grey across the bottom of the plate) at bottom right.
Mex Mex #MUY-50-40
México undated passenger issue (2015 issue). 2015 graphic issue from Estado de México, featurning a color landscape at bottom. Also featured are the state seal and government logos, carried over from previous bases.
Mex Mex #NHT-45-59
México undated passenger issue (2019 issue). New national standards were established by Mexico's Secretary for Communications and Transport starting in 2017, resulting in a flood of new issues. These standards dictate the placement of graphic elements on the plates, mostly restricted now to the top and bottom of the plate. México's entry uses a stylized EDOMEX state name with colored "mountains" making up the M in the state name and a range at the bottom of the plate. México remains one of the states still using the older ABC-12-34 serial format as of their newer issue.

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