Mexican Graphic License Plates, Second Generation

Aguascalientes did not issue a new graphic in the same timeframe as the other second-generation issues, skipping directly from the first-generation graphic to the third-generation. Confusing, eh?

BC Mex #AGL-27-98
Baja California 2002 passenger issue. Second-generation plate, featuring the smaller dies and ABC-12-34 serial arrangement. These plates also have some common features, including a number indicating the state's place alphabetically among the 32 jurisdictions ("02" in this case), a vehicle class listing ("Transporte Privado Automovil" - Private Passenger Automobile), a security bar code and notations for the front (Delantera) or rear (Trasera) plate of the car. This plate features an expanded graphic with, among other things, a Grey Whale tail, mountainline and cardón cactus (exclusive variety to Baja California). Baja California is one of the only Mexican jurisdictions to use validation stickers, this one has a 2002 sticker.
BCS Mex #CZE-96-55
Baja California Sur undated passenger issue. Relatively simple graphic issue from Baja California Sur, featuring an orange "sky" at the top and grey "ocean" at the bottom, again with the whale tail images appearing, as well as a cactus to the left. This issue was odd in that the state abbreviation at the bottom was shortened to "BS MEX" as opposed to "BCS MEX" as had appeared on previous issues.
Camp Mex #DFF-43-17
Campeche undated passenger issue. This plate features a graphic of the ancient wall around Campeche City.
Coah Mex #EXV-14-35
Coahuila undated passenger issue. This plate features the state seal in the background, with the current government logo at the bottom right and the colors of Mexico's flag at bottom left.

Colima, like Aguascalientes, issued their first-generation graphic until 2005, not switching to their new graphic until other states were getting into the third-generation.

Chis Mex #DMR-27-37
Chiapas undated passenger issue. Current issue from Chiapas, featuring a graphic of the great fountain located in the capital city of Chiapa de Corzo. The state seal is also found at the bottom right.
Chih Mex #DYH-34-76
Chihuahua undated passenger issue. This plate is quite similar to the first-generation plate from Chihuahua, which also featured a graphic of running Raramuri natives and the state's government logo. Just in case your knowledge of the Spanish alphabet is as, uh, lacking as mine was, "Chiapas" and "Chihuahua" were assigned alphabetical codes 07 and 08 respectively, behind Coahuila and Colima, because "Ch" was its own letter in the Spanish alphabet, coming between C and D, until officially eliminated in 2000. The Mexican federal government assigned the serial blocks according to where the names fall within the new, Ch-less alphabet, though, with Chihuahua given plates in the late Dxx series while Coahuila has them in the late Exx series. Odd.
DF Mex #116-LYK
Distrito Federal undated passenger issue. New plates from Mexico City. This plate features a graphic of the Ángel de Independencia on Avendia Reforma - a monument to Mexican independence in Mexico City. As with previous issues, the DF is the only Mexican jurisdiction to use a reversed 123-ABC serial format.
Dgo Mex #FYZ-77-75
Durango undated passenger issue. The new Durango graphic, featuring a treeline at the bottom and the government logo at the top left. The state's alphabetical number (10) is hidden in the trees to the left of the state name.
Gua Mex #GHX-64-95
Guanajuato undated passenger issue. This plate takes a relatively simple approach, with gold and purple stripes at the top and bottom and a small state seal at the top left.
Gro Mex #GZW-99-84
Guerrero undated passenger issue. This is perhaps my favorite of the current Mexican graphics, from the state of Guerrero. The graphic shows images of the Mezcala suspension bridge, a jumping sailfish, and the gates of the Fort of San Diego, among other things. This is one of a handful of these new plates to include both the full state name and the old abbreviation (GRO MEX) at the same time.
Hgo Mex #HJF-72-15
Hidalgo undated passenger issue. Interesting plate from Hidalgo, featuring a green whirlpool-type effect in the background. The plate features the slogan "Cautivará tus sentidos," or "Captivate your Senses." Early plates on this base had the slogan in white. Hidalgo is Lucky #13 alphabetically, as seen by the number near the bottom left.
Hgo Mex #HJU-72-15
Hidalgo undated passenger issue. Here's a slightly revised version of the Hidalgo plate, with the slogan changed from white to black, presumably for visibility reasons. The plate remains the same otherwise. The matching numbers between this plate and the one above are an odd coincidence that I didn't notice until proofing a change to this page. Cool!
Jal Mex #HYP-12-69
Jalisco undated passenger issue. Jalisco jumped right from the 1992 federal issue to this second-generation plate. The plate has a graphic of an agave plant in the background to symbolize the production of tequila in the state. The blue graphic to the right is the current government logo, which I believe shows the state shape in blue being held up by a hand in white. The state seal is at the top left.
Mex Mex #LRV-78-46
Mexico undated passenger issue. Revised "Estado de Mexico" issue, featuring the ever-popular mountain motif. There is a jetliner flying over the mountains, signifying a new airport that was being built in Tezcuso at the time the plate was designed. The airport plan has since been scrapped due to fervent protest by local farmers, and there are plans to remove it from the plate design. The state seal and government logos are found in the bottom corners.
Mich Mex #PLP-91-39
Michoacán undated passenger issue. This is one of the most recent second-generation graphics, released in mid-2003. The design is fairly sparse, consisting of a series of lines across the background and the state government logo at the bottom. I'd heard this plate was fairly controversial, as the state is not an especially rich one and residents felt that resources could be better spent in ways other than releasing a new license plate. Fair point.
Mor Mex #PVR-33-92
Morelos undated passenger issue. Neat plate, with Revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata's head filling in for the "O" in the state name. The state seal is found on this plate as well, bottom right. This plate was a "Delantera," or front plate.
Nay Mex #REC-13-88
Nayarit undated passenger issue. This graphic issue has a blue wave at the bottom, likely symbolic of the ocean, and the current government logo with the slogan "Todos para Nayarit para todos" or "All for Nayarit, Nayarit for all." Sounds good.
NL Mex #RUV-67-77
Nuevo León undated passenger issue. Revised graphic from Nuevo Leon. Again, mountains are prominently featured, with the state seal at the top left. This plate appears to have a very faded validation sticker at the lower right, one of the few states to use these.
Oax Mex #TJA-46-13
Oaxaca undated passenger issue. This graphic shows a rock formation in the background, which makes the middle set of characters pretty difficult to make out. The state shape and state seal graphics in the bottom corners are carried over from the first-generation plate.
Oax Mex #TJE-48-66
Oaxaca undated passenger issue. Revised version of the plate, with the graphic made lighter for improved readability of the serial. The bar code was also moved down and to the right, perhaps to get it out of the way of plate frames.

Puebla has not released a second-gen graphic yet.

Qro Mex #UMM-58-83
Querétaro undated passenger issue. New, relatively no-nonsense issue with the state name and seal at the bottom. The government logo is retained at bottom left.
QR Mex #UTP-39-82
Quintana Roo undated passenger issue. This issue has a graphic of a Mayan building in the background. The state name and government logo are in a red band at the bottom.
SLP Mex #UYJ-46-39
San Luis Potosi undated passenger issue. Graphic with the state shape in the background along with the slogan "Cruce de Caminos" or "Crossroads." The state seal is found at bottom right.
Sin Mex #UYJ-46-39
Sinaloa undated passenger issue. This plate carries a graphic of a drummer in front of the state shape in the background. The drummer symbolizes the development of Norteña and Ranchera music in the state. The state seal is over the lower right bolt slot and the state government logo is at top left.
Son Mex #VTC-42-28
Sonora undated passenger issue. One of the more striking newer issues from Mexico. This plate carries over the image of the native dancer with headdress doing the "deer dance," this time placed in the center of a sunburst with rays extending to the edges of the plate.
Tab Mex #WLM-56-89
Tabasco undated passenger issue. New Tabasco issue featuring a graphic scene of La Venta archaeological park, including a large stone head at the right of the plate.
Tamps Mex #WZS-61-13
Tamaulipas undated passenger issue. Relatively simple graphic, with a light green design at the top. The state seal is located at the bottom right of the plate.
Tlax Mex #XTA-30-43
Tlaxcala undated passenger issue. Graphic issue featuring a very light graphic cross-section of the state, with a church, bullring, mountainline, and Xicotencatl, the ancient native king of the region. The slogan "Cuna de la Nacion" translates to "Cradle of the Nation." The state seal is seen at bottom right.
Ver Mex #YDZ-86-87
Veracruz undated passenger issue. This issue is quite similar to Veracruz's first-generation plate, although the image of the man and woman at the center of the plate is somewhat clearer this time around.
Yuc Mex #YWA-24-47
Yucatan undated passenger issue. Another recent (mid-2003) release, this new plate from Yucatan features a graphic of El Caracol, which is an ancient Mayan observatory in the state. The symbol to the right of the state name is apparently the Mayan equivalent of "31," making this the only plate that I'm aware of to translate the numerical code for the state. This is one of a couple issues to use the designation "Transporte Particular Automovil" rather than "Transporte Privado Automovil," although both translate to essentially the same thing.
Zac Mex #ZET-65-28
Zacatecas undated passenger issue. Second-generation plate from Zacatecas, featuring the same mountainside seen on the first-generation plate, although in much greater detail here.

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Additional Second-Gen Mexico Information provided by: Dylan McDonald

Information also derived from Raúl Conde's excellent Placas de Mexico site, which I've tried not to plagiarize too badly in the creation of this page.

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