Mexican Third-Generation Graphic License Plates

Starting in 2003, some Mexican states began to issue their third graphic issue. My understanding is that most states' intention is to issue a new plate every three years. Not every state issued their first or second graphic at the same time, however, so this three-year cycle, even if strictly adhered to by each state, would result in new plates for a few states each year. Seven states (Baja California, Coahuila, Nayarit, San Luis Potosi, Tampaulipas, Veracruz and Zacatecas) had issued a third-generation plate as of the end of 2004. Seven other states (Aguascalientes, Campeche, Colima, Morelos, Nuevo Leon, Queretaro and Sonora) released new plates in 2005, while nine more (Chihuahua, Durango, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Puebla, Sinaloa, Tlaxcala and Yucatan) are reissuing in 2006.

Ags. Mex #ADF-16-63
Aguascalientes 2005 passenger issue. Here's where identifying Mexican plates by "generation" gets a bit tricky. Aguascalientes never issued a second-generation plate, sticking with their original, large-die graphic until 2005. So, technically speaking, this is their second graphic plate, but since they issued it during the same timeframe as third-generation plates for most other states, I'm lumping it in here. This new issue, dated 2005-2007, places the state name in a blue band at the top, with the state seal in the background.
BC Mex #AHA-50-15
Baja California undated passenger issue. Baja California chose a relatively simple design to replace their more "graphics intensive" second-generation issue. The shape of the state is included between "Baja" and "California" at the top, with a gold and blue "wave" design and state seal at the bottom. If nothing else, these plates are much more legible at a distance than the previous issue.
BC Mex #AHN-27-76
Baja California undated passenger issue. Slight tweak of the previous issue, the original state-shape logo at the top center was replaced by the newer governmental logo featuring the slogan "BC - Grande Por Ti."
Camp Mex #DFL-84-90
Campeche undated passenger issue. The third-generation offering from Campeche, this is another striking issue from the state. The graphic features Mayan ruins which serve as an archeological site in the state. The state name and seal are in green at the bottom of the plate.
Chih Mex #DZS-29-97
Chihuahua undated passenger issue. This issue from Chihuahua features an image of a monument to Francisco Villa in Chihuahua City, and the new slogan "Tierra de Encuentro" ("Land of Encounter"). What kind of encounter is unspecified, so proceed at your own risk. This plate uses an odd new production method where "MEXICO" is overprinted in silver lettering all through the serial of the plate. Several of the other 2006 issues also carries this overprinting, not sure if it's an anti-counterfeiting measure or what the story is.
Coah Mex #EYT-87-38
Coahuila undated passenger issue. Third graphic plate from Coahuila, this one features the image of Revolutionary hero Venustiano Carranza on a horse to the left, and the Cristo de las Noas monument (image of Christ on the cross) at the right. Other elements are similar to the second-generation plate.
Col Mex #FRY-62-22
Colima undated passenger issue. Another oddity as far as the "generation" categories are concerned, as Colima issued its first-generation graphic in 2000 and then skipped directly to this plate in 2005. This new issue features the mountain theme again at the bottom, with a graphic of Rey Coliman (King Coliman) at the bottom left. This plate uses an odd new production method where "MEXICO" is overprinted in silver lettering all through the serial of the plate. The new Morelos and Sonora issues also carries this overprinting, not sure if it's an anti-counterfeiting measure or what the story is.
Dgo Mex #FZR-80-86
Durango undated passenger issue. Durango issue, released in 2006. This plate once again features a pine tree as the prior issue, along with an image of the monument to Mexican Revolutionary hero General Francisco "Pancho" Villa, located in Durango City.
Gro Mex #GZA-83-41
Guerrero undated passenger issue. This new graphic was introduced in 2006 and incorporates several graphic elements. The background is an ocean scene with sailboat to the left, sailfish, and the cliffs of Acapulco to the right. At the center of the plate is the state seal in full color.
Hgo Mex #HKV-58-47
Hidalgo undated passenger issue. 2006 issue from Hidalgo, featuring the state seal in the center. The new slogan "Juntos Contribuyendo Hidalgo Crece" ("Contributing Together Hidalgo Grows") is included below. This plate also has the overprinted "MEXICO" in silver letters over the entire serial.
Mor Mex #PVA-39-78
Morelos undated passenger issue. Another state with a "generation" issue, since Morelos never issued a first-generation passenger graphic, so technically the second-gen plate was their first and this was their second generation. Again, I'm putting it here since it was released in 2005, along with the third-gen plates of other states. This issue is similar to the second, er, first, er, previous graphic, with the image of Zapata included within the state name. The slogan "Tierra de Zapata" ("Land of Zapata") was also added. This plate also has the diagonally-overprinted "Mexico" throughout the serial.
Nay Mex #REE-72-45
Nayarit undated passenger issue. New issue from Nayarit, featuring the state seal flanked by two "Eyes of God," based on famous local yarn handcrafts. A child playing the fiddle wearing traditional native dress is also featured, at top left, as is the state shape at bottom right.
NL Mex #RYT-53-02
Nuevo Leon undated passenger issue. This new issue from Nuevo Leon is notable in that it's the first of the Mexican graphics to substitute a graphic element within the plate for one of the dash separators in the serial. This issue contains the state shape in place of the first dash. Also included is the current government logo and the slogan "Estado de Progreso."
Oax Mex #TJN-25-99
Oaxaca undated passenger issue. 2006 issue from Oaxaca, featuring the graphic of Benito Juarez in the background and the slogan "2006 Bicentenario de Juarez" at top. The plate celebrates the bicentennial of the birth of Juarez, the five-term president of Mexico. Juarez was born in Oaxaca and served as governor of the state before assuming the presidency.
Pue Mex #TUM-11-77
Puebla undated passenger issue. One more oddball plate, generation-wise, as Puebla had been the lone holdout using their first-generation plate with the large serial dies through the end of 2005. This plate, featuring a simple green-and-red line motif, was introduced in 2006.
Qro Mex #UNL-42-48
Queretaro undated passenger issue. They saw me coming with this issue. Understated graphic issue with a big "Q" in the background. The plate also features the slogan "Queretaro es mejor" ("Queretaro is better") in the lower left sticker well.
SLP Mex #UZF-79-15
San Luis Potosi undated passenger issue. Again, a simplified plate design for the third-generation, with the state seal featured in the background. The slogan "Centro de Oportunidades" appears three times along the bottom of the plate, with the state map shape at the bottom right.
Sin Mex #VHU-39-99
Sinaloa undated passenger issue. Sinaloa's third-generation entry features a large graphic of a tomato at center, with the slogan "Lider nacional en alimentos" (National Food Leader), playing up the state's agriculture industry. The current government logo is repeated in the background with the state seal at top left.
Son Mex #VVF-68-59
Sonora undated passenger issue. This issue from Sonora carries over the "deer dance" motif from previous issues, although in a more toned-down version than the second-generation plate. This is another issue, like Colima and Morelos, to include "MEXICO" overprinted in silver over the entire serial. This is also the first Mexican plate I've added to my collection to have been made of aluminum rather than steel.
Tamps Mex #XAV-44-25
Tamaulipas undated passenger issue. This new issue was introduced in 2004 and is another to seemingly step back from the more elaborate graphics of previous generation issues in favor of a simpler, easier-to-read design. This issue includes a faint graphic of the state seal behind the serial.
Tlax Mex #XUA-62-85
Tlaxcala undated passenger issue. This issue was released in April, 2006 and features a graphic of La Malinche, an extinct volcano, in the background. This element was carried over from the last two issues. Seen at either side are images of the ancient bird-man painting from Cacaxtla, Tlaxcala. The state seal is shown at the bottom right.
Ver Mex #XZJ-97-29
Veracruz undated passenger issue. New graphic with a full illustration of the Pyramid of the Niches. The dancing man and woman from previous issues are still featured as a small graphic at the bottom right. The graphic on this plate makes it relatively difficult to read at a distance.

Missing/Needed: Yucatan

Zac Mex #ZFB-60-19
Zacatecas undated passenger issue. Similar coloring and graphic to the last issue, with another look at that hillside. An image of the Zacatecas city cathedral is included in the foreground of this issue.

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Additional information derived from Raúl Conde's excellent Placas de Mexico site, which I've tried not to plagiarize too badly in the creation of this page.

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