Morelos Graphic License Plates, 1998-present

17: Morelos

Mor Mex #PVR-33-92
Morelos undated passenger issue (2002 issue). Neat plate, with Revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata's head filling in for the "O" in the state name. The state seal is found on this plate as well, bottom right. This plate was a "Delantera," or front plate.
Mor Mex #PVA-39-78
Morelos undated passenger issue (2005 issue). This issue is similar to the previous graphic, with the image of Zapata included within the state name. The slogan "Tierra de Zapata" ("Land of Zapata") was also added. This plate also has the diagonally-overprinted "Mexico" throughout the serial.
Mor Mex #PWK-91-96
Morelos undated passenger issue (2008 issue). Graphic issue released in 2008, featuring a line drawing of a castle in the background and the new slogan "Morelos, Tierra de Liberdad y Trabago*" at the top. Yes, the asterisk is included, which is kind of disconcerting.
Mor Mex #PXP-93-07
Morelos undated passenger issue (2013 issue). A new issue was released in 2013 with the state name at top in purple and a colorful band at bottom. The state seal and government logos appear in the corners, along with the slogan "Nuava Vision."
Mor Mex #PZF-94-95
Morelos undated passenger issue (2018 issue). New national standards were established by Mexico's Secretary for Communications and Transport starting in 2017, resulting in a flood of new issues. These standards dictate the placement of graphic elements on the plates, mostly restricted now to the top and bottom of the plate. Morelos made minor tweaks to their previous base, which was pretty much in compliance anyway, shifting the logos around and updating the state government logo in the process. Morelos remained one of the few states still using the original ABC-12-34 format as of 2019.
Mor Mex #RCD-332-B
Morelos undated passenger issue (2019 issue). Morelos released a new graphic in 2019 after it's interim issue above. This plate is one of the first Mexican issues to use 3M's HD sheeting, resulting in a brighter, textured background on the plate. The graphic is sparse, featuring flowers at bottom right and leaving a large space for a security mark below the serial. The state flipped to the newer ABC-123-D serial format starting with this release.

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