Querétaro Graphic License Plates, 1998-present

22: Querétaro

Qro Mex #ULL1788
Querétaro undated passenger issue (1999 issue). This plate features a graphic of the Querétaro Aqueduct, which was built in 1738 in order to transport water to the capital city of Querétaro. The state seal is featured as a smaller graphic to the lower right, and a flag logo with the slogan "Unidos por Querétaro" is found at lower left. The state and country names are embossed in full on this issue, after years of using the "QRO MEX" abbreviation on prior issues.
Qro Mex #UMM-58-83
Querétaro undated passenger issue (2002 issue). Relatively no-nonsense issue with the state name and seal at the bottom. The government logo is retained at bottom left.
Qro Mex #UNL-42-48
Querétaro undated passenger issue (2005 issue). They saw me coming with this issue. Understated graphic issue with a big "Q" in the background. The plate also features the slogan "Querétaro es mejor" ("Querétaro is better") in the lower left sticker well.
Qro Mex #UKW-62-75
Querétaro 2008 passenger issue. Stripped-down plate, graphically, for Querétaro in 2008. This issue features a blue band at the bottom, with a small state seal, state name and issuance date in lower sticker well.
Qro Mex #UKR-979-A
Querétaro undated passenger issue (2017 issue). New national standards were established by Mexico's Secretary for Communications and Transport starting in 2017, resulting in a flood of new issues. These standards dictate the placement of graphic elements on the plates, mostly restricted now to the top and bottom of the plate. Querétaro released another stripped-down graphic as a result with the state name at bottom and a faint design at top.

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